Introducing the company:

Trade name: Mim Edition

Mim Edition was established, at the end of 2007, in Algeria and is headquartered in Kolea / Tipasa Province It has been active since that time, issuing literary books each year, with an average of 10 titles per year, distributed between story, novel, poetry, literary and intellectual studies, literary and cultural criticism, history and philosophy,…, as well as doing some translation work. The house receives paper or digital manuscripts, to be presented to a specialized reading committee, which permits or prohibits their issuance according to the editorial line of the house, and according to their compliance with publishing standards, a contract is made between the house and the writer. Then the accepted works pass to proofreaders, then coordinators working remotely, after successive reviews and designing the covers, the book goes to the printing press, then to the shelves of libraries, exhibitions and distribution networks
Team membres
Mim Edition team is based on:

Manager (e) of the house: It operates the house from its headquarters located in Al-Qulaya.
Reading Committee: It is a committee that works remotely, formed of a group of readers, writers and academics, works are sent to them via e-mails to read and give their comments. Then the decision to authorize publication or not.
Proofreaders and Editors: The House uses the services of proofreaders and editors to review, revise and edit the works that are approved for publication.
Graphic designers: The house depends on coordinating and producing books (internal coordination + covers) on remote designers, from inside and outside Algeria, who are characterized by the conditions of creativity and craftsmanship.
Accountant: He follows up on the accounts of the house and all tax matters.
In addition to other services related to international and national exhibitions, which need immediate services.


Since its inception, Mim Edition has won many national, Arab and international literary prizes, including:

Presidential Award (nationally) in more than one work

Al-Tayeb Salih Prize (Arab) for International Arabic Fiction

Katara Prize for Arabic Fiction

Sharjah Award

Booker Prize for International Arabic Fiction